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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Presenting at DevJam's ProductConf 2017 on Tweaking Scrum

I know it's last minute, but I will be leading a talk on Tweaking Scrum for Better Products, this Monday May 8, 2017, at DevJam's ProductConf in St. Paul  It looks like there is still time to register!

It is a mistake to leave the product decisions to the Product Owner alone. Every member of an always-improving, self-organizing Scrum team will help to make the team's work and the product better. This highly collaborative session will have a section on prepared insights on how to tweak typical Scrum practice as learned from several years of software development on Scrum teams; then the bulk of the time will be open for your insights on how you have tweaked Scrum that you might share with the group. However, this discussion will not simply be show-and-tell time; instead, we will think through the suggestions from a product lens in order to see if the potential impact is outweighed by missing out on the benefits from "untweaked" Scrum. We will avoid dogmatic thinking but not controversy as we tweak Scrum together.

If you are coming to ProductConf, be sure to come over and say hi!

Update: here is the slide deck for that talk:

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