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Monday, October 20, 2014

The cracked gasoline dispenser cradle - UX in the wild

Jakob’s Law of Web User Experience states that “users spend most of their time on other web sites.”  This can be generalized to the general: users spend most of their time on other systems.  Take the gasoline.  What do you usually do when you lift the gasoline pump handle off its cradle?  Activate the ability to start dispensing fuel by raising the start lever to cover part of the cradle, right?  Well, not on all pumps:
This looks a lot like a lever that one should pull up, but it isn’t.  You actually have to push a start button that is above and well to the left of where you lifted the pump handle.
If you look closely, the upper right of the cradle is cracked pretty badly.  Clearly, others had the same intuition I had: to yank up on this unyielding cradle.  Why? Because I use all other fuel pumps more than this one.
gasIf you are going to make a gas pump cradle with a separate start button, at least make the cradle look nothing like the ones that you pull up! Here’s one.
Better yet, put the start lever on the bottom cradle—like most other gas pumps.

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